Variety Fitness

Pilates and Yoga studio in the heart of Macclesfield

Variety Fitness, founded by David & Sarah Booth, is a health and wellbeing business, focusing on Pilates & Yoga. They also offer classes and workshops that specialise in areas such as sports therapy, ante and postnatal exercise and recovery for individuals recovering from injury.

David & Sarah approached us looking to update and modernise their current website design, the addition of an ecommerce online shop was something they really wanted to focus on. The new website also required an integrated booking system which would allow customers to pay for classes and workshops.

Variety Fitness website design and brand colour palette

After initial research into local competitors and the health & wellbeing market, our design team realised similar companies lacked an efficient online booking system, which was quickly identified as a USP for the new Variety Fitness website. The team set out researching into various booking systems to identify the best option for their needs. An important factor to consider was to ensure the booking system was quick, easy and minimised any work the customer had to do when booking a class.

Variety Fitness website design on mobile deviceVariety Fitness custom service icon designsBVariety Fitness website design on mobile deviceVariety Fitness website design on tablet device

Our designers and developers worked together to build Variety Fitness a website which was modern in both design and functionality. The new site featured a one click, timetable booking system which was built to ensure a streamlined user experience, meaning data was autofilled where possible to reduce time spent booking a class. To help push online sales of bespoke yoga equipment, we integrated a WooCommerce shop into the site so the process of buying online was as easy and streamlined as the new booking system.

An automated Instagram and Twitter feed was incorporated the home page which automatically pulled through anything the team posted on their social channels. In addition to this, we also built the website to show relevant testimonials on the class pages to further engage potential customers.

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