Throgmorton Financial

Chartered financial advisory firm founded in 2002

Throgmorton, founded in 2002, is a chartered financial advisory firm providing financial advice to individual and corporate clients across the UK. The firm specialises in providing sound financial advice to clients with topics covering estate planning, investments and retirement planning.

We were approached by Throgmorton to create a new identity which would help attract potential clients whilst also appealing to talented young professionals who are looking to begin a career in the financial sector. Throgmorton requested that the new brand identity would incorporate a modern business website design, promotional brochure design, letterheads, business cards and referral cards.

Throgmorton Responsive Web Design on Mobile & Tablet

To create a unique identity in a competitive financial sector we collaborated with Mark Bird, a talented freelance illustrator based in Manchester. Mark was given a brief to create a set of illustrations which visually represented each of the services Throgmorton offers, resulting in some contemporary and beautifully unique artwork.

Combining Mark’s illustrative work and our digital, creative flair resulted in a unique and professional rebrand for Throgmorton, setting them apart from the competition in the busy financial services market. More of marks work can be seen here:

Throgmorton Business Card Design and PrintMark Bird illustration Navigating you through the ever-changing sea of pension legislation

To go alongside the brand's new identity we also created a modern, responsive Wordpress website which showcased the unique illustrations. To meet the aim of attracting young professionals we created a dynamic vacancies and career feed, as well as a digital archive of business reports and newsletters, showing Throgmorton to be informative and relevant. Finally, we also pushed the identity refresh, illustrations and brand design across an assortment of business stationery and printed literature.

Mark Bird illustration Business BreifcaseThrogmorton Business Branding
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