Rosehill Furniture

The UK’s leading supplier of loose contract furniture

Renowned UK furniture manufacturer Rosehill has been producing quality furniture for churches, schools and offices for over 35 years. As well as operating as a direct mail retailer the company also sells products through their ecommerce website. The experienced sales and marketing team at Rosehill realized their website wasn’t performing at its best so approached us to review it. Our first task was to provide an in depth website analysis and present back both potential functional and aesthetic improvements.

Rosehill Responsive Web Design

Once specific improvements were identified, the Urbansoul team set out a plan to re-design and re-develop Rosehill's old site turning the focus of the website to sell rather than just inform. Conversion optimisation was identified as an area to be improved, as 40% of users never return to a website if their first visit is a negative experience. By improving navigation, product categorisation and site structure we drastically improved the user experience.

Rosehill Business Card Design and PrintRosehill Creative Print

The site was developed using Woocommerce and WordPress CMS. A combination of these great platforms and some clever development work from the Urbansoul team resulted in Rosehill Furniture now having a website that they can manage with ease. In the past, things such as website content, product listings, customer orders and the checkout process were overly complicated but we have streamlined each step leaving Rosehill with a website they love.

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