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Quote4Energy works with UK businesses to provide energy procurement services. They have over 25 years of experience in the energy industry.

CEO Lynsey Jones, approached us to create a modern, refreshing website to strengthen the brand online. Although the existing site did make use of brand colours and the company logo, it didn’t reflect the brand as a whole. We wanted to look at the bigger picture, and design a website that influenced users, by enhancing Quote4Energy’s brand perception. We focused on designing and developing a website that inspired a feeling of trust, professionalism and integrity. Improving the brand connection, functionality and usability has helped boost website conversion, user engagement, and ultimately, the number of enquiries.

Quote4Energy full homepage website design
Quote4Energy's CEO Lynsey Jones

"The new website looks amazing and I'm so happy with the outcome! You and your team have been so helpful, knowledgeable and supportive throughout the project, often going above and beyond. You've not only given my business a fresh new look, but you've also created an identity that will hopefully resonate with potential new clients. We can't wait to start using the new website as a powerful marketing tool. Thank you."

Lynsey Jones

Quote4Energy CEO
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