Essential Safeguarding

Delivering bespoke needs led training to keep children safe

Essential Safeguarding are a team of multidisciplinary professionals ranging across social work, youth work, health services and education. Together they combine individual knowledge, skills and passion to deliver a complete service that helps keeps children safe.

We were approached by Essential Safeguarding to create a whole new business identity. Unhappy with their existing logo, website and business marketing material, the company tasked us with creating an identity which would be visually warming and represent a sense of belonging and togetherness.

Essential Safeguarding Responsive Website Design

We understood the importance of colour in this project, especially as the brief specified a warming and comforting tone. Colours can affect moods, trigger emotions and ultimately sway people’s actions, which is why we made sure to do a vast amount of research before deciding on the palette. Together with the Essential Safeguarding team, we formed a colour scheme which triggered all the right emotions, creating a warm, friendly and inviting brand.

Essential Safeguarding Logo DesignEssential Safeguarding Logo Design Animation

Once the colour scheme and logo design had been perfected, we incorporated the new brand identity into an informative wordpress website, clearly conveying the businesses values, message and services. Finally, we carried the branding right through to a powerpoint presentation template, which the team could go away and use for training and meetings.

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