Shaping Healthier Living

Urbansoul Design Wordpress Webiste Design: Shaping Healthier Living

Shaping Healthier Living is a pioneering partnership of seven organisations in health, social care and the voluntary and community sector. They are changing how health and social care services work to support the people of Calderdale to maximise their independence and health & well-being in their community.

The website has to be a simple, crisp, responsive, well design and accessible informative website that complied to the organisations existing branding guidelines. The website was built using WordPress as a CMS and the Urbansoul team incorporated a custom page builder using the Advanced Custom Fields plugin to give staff full control of not just their content, but also individual website page designs.

Urbansoul Design Wordpress Webiste Design: Shaping Healthier Living

The website design features custom illustrations and an advanced accessibility solution, allowing users to toggle high visibility mode, greyscale mode and a large text mode, ensuring that the website can be used by anyone, regardless of visual impairments.

You can view their website at the following link