WordPress 5.0 – What to Expect From the Block-Based Editor Gutenberg

Without a doubt the biggest feature of WordPress 5.0 is its exciting new editor, Gutenberg.


So what can you expect to see in Gutenberg?

The editor moves away from the classic text editor (similar to word processors of old) in favour of flexible grid layouts with moveable blocks. The content blocks will make it easier and quicker to create stylish, responsive layouts.

Like many digital agencies, we pride ourselves on the high standard of design that goes into our websites. Occasionally though, on handing websites over, the classic visual editor proved tricky for clients to easily add their own content in layout that worked for them.

It is good to see that WordPress have addressed this in the Gutenberg editor, creating more of a layout design tool rather just a text editor.

Wordpress 5.0 - Gutenberg Block-based Editor

How do I use the Gutenberg editor?

It looks quite different to the classic editor. Rather than having one long page of text, it is now split up into individual segments or blocks. You can move blocks around by dragging and dropping, click inside a block and you’ll see the more familiar formatting options.

Although the new Gutenberg editor may take some getting used to, we do believe the new environment provides a cleaner, more spacious way of creating great content.

If you have any questions, just give us a call or contact us and we’ll support you in any way we can. 

We have also created a list Gutenberg top tips and tricks.