Hemingway App – Tech Tool for Creative Copywriters

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Whether your working on a digital marketing campaign, a new blog post or content for your website, this post should hopefully introduce you to a helpful tool which will assist your copywriting. You may already have a clear objective about what you want to write about, know your target audience really well and have an unique selling proposition, however, Sometimes it can be hard to write effective, conscience and to-the-point text which really engages the reader. Saying what you want to say with less is much more effective when it comes to grabbing the readers attention. This is why I thought I’d introduce you to the online Hemingway Editor app.



The Hemingway app is useful editing tool, which helps you write stronger, more effective copy. Your sentences are analysed and when Hemingway sees an opportunity to improve them the application will let you know by using coloured highlighting.

The colour coding system detects when sentences are hard to read and when they could be simpler. It also identifies sentences that contain too many adverbs, passive voice or terms that should be simplified. Passive sentences often sound wordy and indirect, so identifying passive voice in your copy is key to avoiding sending out the wrong message and is particularly import for people in the marketing field.

I like how Hemingway’s app uses colour coding to to highlight areas of copy which need closer attention. It brings a little more personality to an otherwise mundane process and because of the inviting nature of the app you will find you will not only edit text but learn the skills to create more creative, effective copy.  Writing according to Hemingway’s suggested edits, may not always give you the desired tone of voice, however, using the app always results in clearer sentences, and stronger ideas and makes your editing experience a little more fun.

You can give the Hemingway Editor a try here.