Adobe Creative Cloud asking for serial number?

We have just had a situation where one of our Macs would not allow a new user to open Adobe products properly. The Mac previously had a different account registered using our Adobe Creative Cloud for Teams account. Every time Photoshop or Illustrator, or anything else for that matter, opened it reverted to being in Trial mode. We proceeded to click the “License this software” link which then registered the Adobe account and opened the software fine. Until the next time! Every time we opened any of the software we had to go through the licensing process – which was a real pain.

Many hours later, mostly talking with the fine folks at Adobe we had our solution. The Mac was caching the original account details and was refusing to complete the registration of the Adobe account. To fix this we simply had to rename 2 folders and everyhting was working properly.

/Library/Application Support/AdobeSLCache and /Library/Application Support/AdobeSLStore were the offending folders. We renamed them by adding .old to the end of each of them and that was it. We can now use any of the Adobe suite using the new account. Simple!