25 facebook likes

To get a concise Facebook page url like www.facebook.com/supremesugar for your business, you must get 25 likes on your business and places pages. Before you get 25 likes, the page url is something rather unpalatable like www.facebook.com/supremesugar#!/pages/Urbansoul-design/147962275251184.  This is not really a link you would want on the side of your brochure.

Alot of people/businesses want ‘likes’ fast. It is interesting seeing the practices people are using to acquire these links. This has given rise to black hat practices which people are using to acquire these likes.  Examples of these black hat practices include setting up facebook pages where everyone meets and likes each other’s  pages. Other examples also include using social network tools like twiends.

Surely this the beginning of new black hat practices in social search. These practices lessen the worth of a like and distorts ‘social search’. So it must be in facebook’s interests to shut these practices down